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Like the Nobel-winning physicist who studied light "because it's so much fun," Bruce Watson enjoys taking readers in search of this eternal force of nature. Light explores ancient observatories and Gothic cathedrals, Galileo's workshop, and Isaac Newton's "darken'd chamber." Readers will visit Rembrandt's studio and watch stunning sunrises at Stonehenge and at Newgrange in Ireland. The story follows light as it is studied by the Greeks and Chinese, captured by the first cameras, framed by Impressionists, and electrified by Thomas Edison. Finally, Light brings us into a world remade by lasers performing everyday miracles, making ours truly “The Age of Light.”

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“. . . has the buoyant tone of a writer who is having fun. . . Light, the phenomenon, has fascinated people for millennia. Light, the book, will fascinate them now.”

— Charles C. Mann, author of New York Times bestsellers 1491 and 1493

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